illustration Petra Novotná 2005
Petra Novotná


Originally I come from the Czech Republic and I often hear that you can still see it in my illustrations. But during my study at the Art Academy in Utrecht I discovered the more modern Dutch style. Last year I started my own business: Studio Petra Novotná. Since then I enjoyed making illustrations for different clients, for example children’s magazine Bobo and publisher Van Tricht.

1987 – 1991: Art school Václav Hollar in Prague
1991 – 1993: Specializations at Václav Hollar: book illustrations and graphic design.
1999 – 2003: Art Academy of Utrecht in Holland (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht). Specialisation: Illustration

1991: Diploma of the Art school Václav Hollar in Prague
1993: Diploma of the spezialisations at Václav Hollar (book illustrations and graphic design)
2003: Diploma of the Art Academy of Utrecht in Holland (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht). Bachelor of Design.

Working experience
1988 – 1998: Restoration work in Czech historical building (fresco’s, graffito’s, wooden ceilings etc.) for the company of my father, Petr Novotný
1994: Exposition of my work in the castle of Kadan
1997: Exposition of my work in the big gallery of Kadan
1998: Illustrations for Memory Magazine, the biggest student magazine of Holland
2002: Working experience at Studio Machula in Amsterdam. From Barbara de Machula I learned to make illustrations and animations on the computer.
2002 - 2003: Illustrations for Eurokids (publication of Fortis bank)
2003: Computer game for kids (final project for the Art Academy in Utrecht)
2004: Start of my own company: Studio Petra Novotná
2005: Illustrations for the Easter publication of Bobo, a popular children magazine in Holland
2005: Illustrations for publish house Van Tricht (Troefreeks, books for kids who have trouble learning). This book will be published this year.

update 12.3.2005