update 19.1.2006

Petra is specialized in:

Children illustrations

Short animations

Illustrative design
(logo's, house styles, flyers etc.)

Kateřina is specialized in:

3-dimensional art
(sculptures, mosaics, etc.)

Conceptual design (interior)


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WHO WE ARE . . .

We are born on the same day in former Czechoslovakia, we like to make things ourselves and that’s exactly what we do in our profession. Kateřina makes traditional sculptures and artwork in Prague (Czech Republic) and Petra is an illustrator in Alkmaar (Holland). Thanks to internet we are able to present our work on the same website. The physical distance is suddenly no issue anymore.

Our father restores frescos and graffito’s of historical buildings and he now and then also uses his skills on old paintings. At home we were always surrounded with paintings of old masters, sculptures, graphics and free work of my father. He always stimulated us to also do something with ‘art’. And like you see, we did.

We are twins, but we don’t look like each other. We differ in looks, character and also our work is not comparable. On this website you see what our specializations are. And of course we hope that we can soon create something for you!

Kateřina & Petra

Designs for Galvenn!
Own Jeweler collection!

My illustrations in Bobo!

Out now:
My illustrations in children's book 'Magie van de waarheid'!